Market sectors

Machine Tools

Having worked closely with a number of machining centres since our inception over three decades ago, we’ve developed an extensive knowledge of hydraulic requirements and expectations when it comes to machine tools. Our appreciation of the importance of precision and the requirement for particularly high levels of attention to detail, combined with the experience our team has developed, and draws on daily, helps us to solve complex machine problems.

Vast and varied in terms of the equipment delivered, prime examples include:

Hydraulic power units
Hydraulic actuators
Oil filtration systems
Process filtration
Cooling systems

Commissioned by organisations of various different sizes in locations right around the world and with differing requirements, our high rate of referral work is a clear indication of our approach to satisfaction – we’re completely and utterly committed to delivering only the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We want you, our customer, to be entirely satisfied with the end product – be that for a machining centre or otherwise – and genuinely do not stop until we’re confident every single person in the process is completely and utterly happy with the end result.