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IMH Joins BFPA Industry and Standards Strategy Team

We are delighted to announce our membership of the BFPA’s new Strategy Teams.

BFPA is the only trade body in the UK for the hydraulic and pneumatic industries. Following an AGM meeting it has announced the launch of its new BFPA Strategy Teams. In addition, it has updated its mission statement to ‘strengthening the fluid power industry’ and confirmed six key pillars that represent its values:

  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Statistics
  • Standards
  • Industry
  • Education and Training
  • Legislation

As a whole, the BFPA Strategy Teams will identify key projects and work packages for the BFPA to implement in the future. There are four teams and each have a lead and up to 10 members from across the BFPA network.

We look forward to bringing nearly 40 years of hydraulic engineering experience and knowledge to the new programme. And working together with a range of leading companies in the industry to lead on key projects within the industry and standards strategy teams. The other teams include education and training, health, safety and environment and statistics.

Ian Bannister, engineering manager at IMH commented; “We’re really delighted to begin working within the Industry and Standards Strategy Team as it aligns to our values around safety, people and quality.

“Being a team member will enable us to strengthen our ties with BFPA and this opportunity will allow us to further embed our position and support the fluid power industry.”

Joining the strategy team at BFPA will help improve product and innovation in the industry including education and training. IMH has constantly delivered training programmes and apprenticeships for young people in the Teesside area which you can learn more about here. This project will help create more opportunities like this bringing individuals in the field together.

To learn more about the strategy team at BFPA read more here or contact us at