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Celebrations as apprentice completes his course and assessments

We are delighted to share that our trainee pipefitter, Luke Morris, has successfully completed his 4-year apprenticeship programme.

Luke joined us back in 2018 and spent the first part of his four-year apprenticeship studying theory at college, with NETA training.

Having successfully completed his first year at the training centre Luke commenced his hands-on experience with IMH in 2019 and was able to work with our team on a number of impressive projects, including the Boston Barrier in Lincolnshire – one of the largest jobs he worked on.

You can read more about our hydraulic and pipefitting work to support the creation of the new Boston Barrier here.

During the pandemic Luke continued his work experience with IMH whilst studying one day a week at college – though sometimes through lockdown restrictions these classes were delivered virtually.

In May 2022, Luke successfully completed his end-point assessment which was conducted at our in-house training facility. It included Luke demonstrating his knowledge of pipefitting and completing a practical test where he was asked to tighten the fixings for a pipe flange, as well as perform a pressure test.

Luke can be seen tightening the fixings for the pipe flange.

Luke can be seen tightening the fixings for the pipe flange.

Luke can be seen removing air from the pipe to ensure that the pressure test can be carried out safely.

Luke can be seen removing air from the pipe to ensure that the pressure test can be carried out safely.

IMH - Luke end 4

Luke can be seen increasing the pressure in stages to the final pressure test value.

Following completion of a technical interview which consisted of Luke answering detailed questions on pipefitting inclusive of the HSE aspect, planning and demonstrating an understanding of the role from start to finish. Luke has now passed his apprenticeship with both ourselves and NETA.

Ian Bannister, engineering manager at IMH, and the senior manager responsible for Luke’s business unit during his time as an apprentice, commented: “I am extremely proud of what Luke has achieved during his apprenticeship. He has shown a huge amount of hard work and dedication – especially going through the challenges of the pandemic.

“He has a great appetite for learning by asking the right questions and really engaging with his colleagues to understand more about his role as a pipefitter.”

Commenting on his apprenticeship Luke said: “I am so glad I have had the opportunity to start my career with IMH. Having first experienced the role of a pipefitter through a week’s placement with the company in 2018, I knew that’s what I wanted to be!

“For anyone considering an apprenticeship I would say go for it if you prefer practical work over lots of course work. You’ll gain so much more than just learning a role, you’ll get exposure to lots of life experience. With my time at IMH I’ve been able to work on lots of exciting projects and my favourite part has been the travel to new places, I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to visit.

“I look forward to continue working as a pipefitter at IMH and becoming a more rounded engineer.”

IMH launched its training and apprenticeship programme in 1995 as a way to pass on training and provide opportunities for the Teesside community. As a specialised hydraulic engineering firm, we recognised apprenticeships and training as a way to ensure the longevity and knowledge of the skills we needed to service our clients.

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