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Why learning new skills can support business and employee growth

Following successful participation in a business growth initiative with Teesside University, our general manager, James Griffiths, talks to Mark Lane at Contact magazine about his experiences.

James recently took part in the Leap 50 programme, a learning initiative for businesses like us that have strong ambitions and growth potential. As part of the programme, which is led by Teesside University and Tees Valley Combined Authority, in partnership with Tees Valley Business Compass and Virgin StartUp, James attended 12 one-day workshops to learn new business and thinking skills that have had a direct impact on our business and the way we work.

James explains: “It is far too easy to get tied up in the day-to-day of company work but we recognised that I needed time in my role to develop my skills and knowledge in order to view IMH from a strategic perspective and offer further value to the company and implement processes that move the business forward.

“Prior to joining the programme my personal career development wasn’t something I really gave priority to. However, since having this opportunity I have been able to learn new skills and put them into action and see the benefits to the company.”

You can read the article in full on page 40 of Contact magazine and we hope it inspires you as an organisation to look at how you support your employees with skills training and personal development. And, if you’re a hydraulic engineer or technician please look at our careers page as we’re always looking to hire new talent.

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