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We’re investing in people, places and products

We’ve been working with Innovate Tees Valley and Teesside University on a project to review our processes and procedures to support our growth plans.

Over the next three years we’re planning to take on additional employees and make significant investments in machinery and facilities.

When scaling up it is critical that the right processes and procedures are in place to support growth plans. This is why we began working with Innovate Tees Valley, who are funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and Teesside University who in partnership aim to help small business improve and develop products, services and processes.

Dr Osama Alaskari, a former Teesside University PhD student, has been working with us as a Systems Analyst on an 11 month project to review all of our systems, processes and procedures to ensure that they can accommodate our planned growth.

He has been assisted by Dr Ruben Pinedo-Cuenca, business innovation manager in the School of Science, Engineering and Design at Teesside University who specialises in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

James Griffiths, Commercial Director at IMH commented: “This is the most transformational project IMH has undertaken in our 35 year history.

“Our growth plans are unbelievably exciting, which is why it’s really important that we get it right.

“We are all impressed by the support we’ve been given by everyone involved and look forward to what the future holds with the knowledge and advice provided by the research of Osama and Ruben.”

General Manager at IMH, Ian Duffew added: “As we move into Industry 4.0, the businesses that thrive will be ones that have incorporated technology to its fullest potential where relevant.

“We see a massive opportunity to improve what we have and want to automate as many of our processes as possible throughout the business.

“However, that’s not without its challenges and we realised that we didn’t have all the answers, so it was great to be able to utilise Teesside University to bring in new skills.

“From an SME’s perspective, the fact that Osama has been able to come in and dedicate himself to this project has been fantastic.”

Dr Pinedo-Cuenca from the School of Science, Engineering and Design at Teesside University said: “We are delighted to have been able to help IMH. It’s fantastic to be able to work on a live project like this.

“Osama has also been teaching at Teesside University and the experience and information he is passing on to the students will be invaluable in supporting the academic activities of the university.”

Reflecting on this project we hope that relationships like this continue and that these types of projects have a positive impact on how industry and academics work together to achieve long-term sustainability and business success.

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