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We’re delighted to welcome to the team our 25th apprentice

Liam Burns joins us as our first multi-skilled apprentice.

Liam Burns is the 25th apprentice to be appointed to the company since we set up our training academy in 1995. He is also the first to be appointed into a multi-skilled role where he will be trained across the company’s speciality skills in hydraulic manufacturing and pipefitting.

Having previously completed courses covering basic engineering knowledge and motor vehicle mechanical maintenance, Liam starts his apprenticeship in the second year of his four-year, level 3 apprenticeship. He will be splitting his time between his role here, at IMH, and attendance at Hartlepool College of Further Education.

As part of his apprenticeship Liam will benefit from the decades of expertise of the IMH team in manufacturing and engineering principles as well as practical training in manual handling, welding and hydraulics.

Our training academy was initiated by company founder, Paul Griffiths MBE, in 1995. The initial intention was to average one apprentice every two years. Now in its 28th year, and with us looking to add a further two apprentices alongside Liam: another second-year multi-skilled level 3 apprentice and a degree level apprentice in engineering and design, this will bring the average apprentice appointment to one every year!

Liam Burns, multi-skilled apprentice – manufacturing at IMH, commented: “I’m excited to join IMH to complete my apprenticeship because I’m well aware of the work IMH does and the fantastic learning environment it has.

“Over the years, both my parents have worked here, as well as cousins and uncles. My Dad has actually been employed now for 31 years with the company. To have had so many family members work here I think it shows the great working environment and family feel of the company. And for me, it’s nice that a lot of the employees have seen me grow up and have really taken me under their wing.

“It’s also really good for me to get to know newer members of the team and benefit from the wide and specialist skills they have.

“In my spare time, I really enjoy working on cars, so I hope the skills I have from that I can bring to this role, and likewise the welding I will learn here I can apply to my hobby.”

James Griffiths, managing director, IMH added: “It’s a delight to welcome Liam to the team. He comes from a long line of the Burns family who have worked, and some continue to work, here. And, having gone through the apprenticeship route myself, I can see in Liam the right qualities needed to succeed. He’s inquisitive, positive and enjoys practical work.

“In the past, we’ve often welcomed apprentices into specific routes such as mechanical or pipefitting. But we’re excited that Liam will be our first multi-skilled apprentice where he will be trained across several disciplines. I look forward to seeing and supporting his journey with us.”

We have extensive experience of providing hydraulic engineering expertise and solutions to sectors including oil and gas, marine, subsea, energy (including renewables), nuclear, infrastructure, mining, manufacturing and automotive. And so are delighted to be able to offer such a wide spectrum of experience to our employees.

For more information on apprenticeships with IMH take a look here, you can also connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.