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Supporting a chemical manufacturer with its turbine shutdown

IMH was commissioned to work closely with a strategic partner to overhaul a turbine system for a chemical manufacturer.

The manufacturer had an integrated production and storage facility manufacturing chemicals, utilities and ammonium nitrate fertiliser.

The overhaul work was carried out as part of preventative maintenance to ensure the correct functionality of the system, should a failure occur.

IMH’s strategic partner was commissioned to carry out the work on the turbine train, whilst IMH worked on the turbine system controls. This included both a mechanical and electrical overhaul on steam and turbine valves.

The equipment had been installed in the 1980’s and therefore a number of items were obsolete or required specialist tooling to disassemble them. IMH designed and manufactured the special tooling required for disassembly.

All of the control valves and actuators were removed and transported to IMH’s Middlesbrough workshop for stripping and inspection. With all dimensional checks being conducted in house and verified against the original OEM manuals. IMH ensured that any defects were identified and resolved quickly to ensure there was no delay to the project.

Following third party inspections and non-destructive testing on accumulator shells, valve seats, springs and other key areas, all components were then reconstructed and tested with IMH’s bespoke test rigs. This ensured all components functioned as new before being reinstalled on site, reducing the commissioning time on site and provided confidence to the client that all of the components functioned correctly – so if there was a critical failure, the control system would shut the turbine down.

How IMH can support with shutdowns and outages 

Removal of control valves and actuators for dismantling and inspection

Design of specialist tooling, to aid the disassembly of some parts

Reassembly of components and testing prior to re-install on site

Assistance with comminissioning on site

IMH has a wealth of experience in shutdown work and understands the importance of planning, diligence and agility to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

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