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Our service engineers receive hands-on training on SPX Flow product offering

We are delighted to share the news that we have entered into an agreement with SPX Flow to sell, distribute and service its wide range of equipment under its Power Team brand.

The US-based company, SPX Flow, specialises in high-pressure hydraulic technology which it applies to its portfolio of hydraulic pumps, powerful jacks and valves.

As part of the new agreement we have with SPX Flow, a small team of our engineers flew out to Holland, its base of operations for Europe, to receive specialist training on its portfolio of products that IMH will be servicing and selling.

Chris Johnson, Steven Sherman and Josh Whitehead took part in an intensive two days of training that first focused on the theory of the product or part before the team were given practical training.

This involved the team, for example, being given a hand pump with a specific fault and in teams they were tasked with finding the fault and fixing it. Which of course they did!

Further to this, Chris alongside Mike Goldsworthy, Sales Engineer, received specific sales training at IMH’s Middlesbrough office. The SPX Flow catalogue of products and parts is immense, which means we’re confident in being able to find a solution using SPX Flow.

Its catalogue will be a great support to our team in helping them respond to a client’s request with its detailed information and graphs to help diagnosis. The IMH team also have a good relationship with and close support from both the team in Holland and a UK sales manager.

Chris Johnson, Hydraulic Technician at IMH commented: “I’m really excited to be part of this new opportunity to service and supply SPX Flow’s Power Team products.

“What I found surprising during the training in Holland, was when you strip the parts down it was like working on a watch, as the parts are so small. But working in hydraulics, we weren’t fazed by this as we’re used to stripping down products and working with valves and tiny levels of detail.”

Chris is responsible for leading the team at our Port of Blyth facility which is where we expect to support a number of businesses on the port with jacks and pumps. And, as a service company for SPX Flow, customers can rest assured if any of their pumps or jacks become damaged we can source a replacement quickly.

SPX Flow will also provide training on its jacks – as it’s easy for people to pick up a jack and expect to know how to use it without realising the full force that these products have behind them. 700 bar, which is what these pumps work at, is a dangerous amount of pressure if you don’t know how to safely handle the product.

Contact the team to learn more about the products and services that we can offer to suit your requirements.