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Celebrating future engineering talent

IMH has always had a strong commitment to providing training and support to current and future engineers, which is demonstrated through our purpose-built training centre and the apprenticeship programme we set up in 1995.

As it is National Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to shine a light on our current apprentices and we have asked them to share their experiences and provide advice to anyone considering an apprenticeship.

Hugo Abrol, a trainee mechanical engineer, has been with IMH since 2019. Hugo continues to receive a mixture of hands-on experience with us whilst attending college on a weekly basis – though these classes are now delivered virtually.

“My favourite part of the role is being able to go on site. You have to be 18 to go on site so I was very excited three days after my 18th birthday to be able to go down to the Boston Barrier and be part of a testing phase.

“I also enjoy being sent on breakdowns with my team leader as it’s interesting to do a bit of problem solving. You never really know what to expect and I get to put into practice things I have learnt through fault finding. It’s a great way to learn new things too.

“For anyone considering an apprenticeship I’d suggest taking in as much as you can in your first year at college before you start with a company as it will help when you get that hands-on experience.

“IMH is a great company to work for as there are lots of people to learn from and the different jobs have given me versatile experience.”

Luke Morris, a trainee pipefitter, joined at the same time as Hugo. He too attends college one day a week which provides the theory to accompany the practical experience he gains  with IMH.

“I too,  like Hugo, was able to visit the Boston Barrier in Lincolnshire. The job involved around 800m of pipework, including some specialist and intricate welding. This was the biggest job I have worked on.

“It made me realise that I enjoy these types of projects the most, where I’m able to travel and see different places I wouldn’t typically go to.

“IMH is a great company, with lots of employees having years of experience which is amazing as there’s always someone who can help and provide support.

“The best advice I can give, is if you do decide to take up an apprenticeship stick with it. It is a big commitment but don’t give up because at the end of it you’ll have accomplished something great and will have a skilled career.”


James Griffiths, managing director at IMH commented: “It’s fantastic to see how well Hugo and Luke are doing even whilst navigating the challenges and changes the coronavirus pandemic has thrown up.

“I started as an apprentice at IMH in 2002, so I know the ups and downs they will be experiencing. And it’s great to see how well they have adapted and how they are continuing to give their full enthusiasm to learning and developing.”

Luke and Hugo have just 18 months left of their four years of training and we’re excited to see how they progress.

IMH will continue to look at the recruitment of future apprentices as the business continues to grow.

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