Market sectors

Onshore Wind & Hydro-electric

The onshore wind and hydro-electric industry is one of the most exciting industries we are involved in. It’s a sector where we’ve made huge strides and established ourselves amongst the leading providers of hydraulic engineering expertise.

Our hydraulic solutions are widely employed in this sector within the following types of systems and applications;

Filtration and cooling systems
Emergency shutdown systems
Inlet valve actuation

With all equipment produced for our onshore wind and hydro-electric clients, accuracy is key. Every client needs to be totally confident that their equipment will work, without issue, as soon as it’s installed and continue working predictably throughout its planned lifetime.

Given the complexity of the related processes, one faulty or misconfigured piece of hydraulic equipment has the potential to cause an entire energy production process to grind to a halt. At IMH, we’re aware of this and take our responsibility very seriously so that our clients don’t need to be concerned.

Our reputation, built up over the past 30 years, precedes us. But we aren’t resting on our laurels, we aim to improve with every single project we deliver. We don’t settle for second best or strive for anything other than complete customer satisfaction. It’s what we’ve become accustomed to and it’s what every single one of our clients now expect by default.