Market sectors


As part of our broad experience within the power generation sector, we’ve been privileged to contribute to a number of projects for the world’s leading providers of nuclear power. Our approach is built on an ethos of instilling confidence in clients who expect their hydraulic equipment and applications to meet the very highest performance and safety standards, allowing them to deliver the end result they need, safely and consistently.

Our hydraulic engineering expertise has been heavily utilised in three key areas:

Power generation
Turbine controls
Nuclear fuel processing

And within these areas, we’ve been tasked to create an extensive number of hydraulic solutions including

Actuated valve control systems
Accumulator storage systems
Safety trip blocks
Turbine controls
Fire-resistant fluid systems
Process filtration

Proudly working with some of the world’s highest-calibre nuclear power businesses, including Siemens, British Energy and EDF, we’ve provided our services to sites spread around the globe, delivering uncompromising quality in everything we do.

From in-depth technical abilities through to industry-leading project management, our approach to projects – regardless of size – means we’re always on time, within budget, with only the highest level of customer satisfaction as our goal.