Market sectors


For over three decades we’ve been working with clients in the petrochemical industry – both locally and internationally – to provide solutions that are delivered within budget, on time and arguably most importantly, are able to meet often demanding and gruelling requirements. Hydraulic solutions for our petrochemical clients generally falls within one of three related fields – remote valve actuation, control stations and turbine controls.

Examples of equipment where we have applied our hydraulic engineering expertise include:

Safety trip blocks
Accumulator storage systems
Emergency shutdown systems

Irrespective of the equipment required, however, one thing remains the same – consistency in quality.

Our internal processes are robust, in-depth and challenging enough that mistakes simply don’t happen. The experience of all our internal teams – both as individuals and as a collaborative unit – is key to our success. It’s a key driving factor to our enviable customer satisfaction rates, and one of the primary reasons major petrochemical businesses return to us for their latest needs time and time again.