Market sectors

Mining & Quarrying

The mining and quarrying industry is one of the most intriguing industries we support at IMH. With an extensive history in the sector, our end goal has remained the same since many mining and quarrying processes were conceived – but the tools, applications and techniques have continually developed. It’s a traditional industry, but one with a very modern focus on safety and innovation.

IMH has extensive experience in coal, ore and stone industries, the list of hydraulic equipment and solutions we’ve provided over the years is particularly extensive – and whilst the below isn’t a complete list, it does provide an insight into the variety of equipment where our hydraulic engineering expertise has been applied:

Crushing equipment
Tunnel boring machinery
Conveyor Drives
Hydraulic actuators
Oil filtration systems
Hydraulic actuators
Process filtration
Cooling systems

Given the high level of innovation and safety standards, our work within the mining and quarrying industry is challenging – but without doubt it’s a challenge we thrive on. Developing new hydraulic solutions that serve new purposes is not only fascinating and exciting, but for us, it’s a key part of ensuring we continually deliver the most suitable, effective and efficient pieces of equipment we possibly can.