Market sectors

Metal Production

Solving complex problems is something that comes naturally to the entire team at IMH. Regardless of the project specifics, from project management through to engineering, understanding the end goal and the problems to be overcome is part of our daily routine; it’s what makes us get out of bed on a morning.

With particularly strong experience in the aluminium and steel production sectors, our experienced team of hydraulic engineers develops, installs and supports everything from hydraulic power units right through to cooling systems, hydraulic actuators, oil filtration systems, actuated valve control systems and process filtration equipment.

Striving daily to offer an unrivalled level of service, we thrive on a challenge. Resting on our laurels isn’t something that happens at IMH. We are proud of our experience for sure, but it’s important that we push ourselves every single day so we can stay at the forefront of our industry, delivering only the highest standard of service to every single one of our clients.