Market sectors


Our experience of providing a very wide range of hydraulic engineering products and solutions is extensive, and we’re proud of the reputation we have developed across many sectors. We are particularly proud of our work in infrastructure projects as it’s some of the most impactful and varied work we complete. We’ve provided an extensive range of hydraulic solutions for applications which include;

Flood Defences
Lock controls
Moving bridges

The types of hydraulic equipment provided includes:

Lock control systems
Motion control systems
Hydraulic actuators

Regardless of the equipment we produce or the application for which it’s required, our level of client service is what comes first. We always strive for levels of  satisfaction that are truly industry-leading; we certainly don’t want to be seen as second best.

From the moment you make first contact with us, right through to completing a first project (and in many cases, subsequent projects), we’re here to make the entire process as smooth as it can possibly be.