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IMH team celebrates a successful ex-forces recruitment event

Finding candidates with appropriate experience and relevant competence to operate in our niche and demanding work environment is often a challenge. 

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Having interviewed one or two people with an ex-armed forces background (and being impressed with their motivation, flexibility and work ethic), we decided to recruit ex-forces personnel, who had a useful trade background, and we believed could develop into hydraulic technicians. 

During the second half of 2019 we planned and hosted a two-day assessment centre at our Middlesbrough facility. We teamed up with TSG Marine to support us in sourcing relevant candidates for the assessment process. TSG Marine has excellent links with ex-forces personnel and therefore have an established network of connections.  

During the first day of the assessment process, candidates took part in team-based tasks, problem-solving activities in the workshop, as well as a tour of the facilities on site. Following this, each candidate engaged in a technical interview in order for us to find out more about the candidates, their experience and capabilities. The successful candidates from day one were then invited back for a second interview.   

We were thrilled with the quality of all eight candidates who attended the assessment centre and we were very pleased to offer full-time positions to three people at our Teesside and Blyth sites.  

Managing Director, James Griffiths said: “We are delighted to have invested in three ex-forces personnel and we look forward to seeing them settle into the team and begin developing their careers in the industry.  

“As the business grows, we recognise the need to bring in more people to assist with the workload. We all know how difficult it is to source high-quality candidates and it is even more difficult to find people with the right experience for a niche business like ours.   

“We were overjoyed with the huge success of the assessment centre and have decided to make it an annual event to improve our recruitment processes and continue to further bolster our workforce in the future.” 

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If you’d like to work with us, you can see the current roles available here.